A Bad Day

January 24, 2009 at 1:18 pm (Uncategorized)

For any and all incapable of interpreting the subject line, this isn’t a happy post. This is me complaining. You’ve been warned! 🙂

Some days just plain ol’ suck. This was a day where nothing went right, and I had to do things I didn’t want to do, and my trust was betrayed, and I cried. In fact, the high point was when I was relating everything to my sister, sobbing, and eating chocolate (we stopped by the gas station on the way home and I picked up four different kind of chocolate candy bars. And root beer. It was that bad.)

Now, I’m kind of known for getting worked up over nothing, and I know my moods can go way out of wack before they ever should, but that really isn’t it. Today sucked.

So I’m ending it, officially, now that Carol is fast asleep, on the couch, with chocolate (Kit Kats), a book I’ve already read and plan on rereading, and a comfortable sweatshirt. Then I’ll go to sleep, go home to my mum who will give me a nice big hug, and then I shall walk my adorable puppy.

p1010016 See? See how adorable she is? 🙂 She looks so eager to love and ready to please… Okay, but also it looks like the most emo, MySpace-appropriate self-portrait-y that a dog could ever possibly manage. Except that she just moves a lot when I snap pictures of her and this is one of the few non-blurry ones. 😀


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