The Process

January 22, 2009 at 8:33 am (Uncategorized)

My process, at least. How elitist can I sound, saying that?

Well, I lately started going to yoga a couple of days a week and it’s pretty nice. A few of the poses really resonate with me, and the form stays in my head long after yoga. This is one of them

hp_scands_912116141255This is just a scan from my journal, where I spent two pages outlining the form and then filling it in. This one girl in yoga wore shorts, which completly baffled me. I mean, granted, it was her first time, but…. I would never be comfortable wearing shorts to yoga. I bet she never does it again… 😛

I was a little sad that I didn’t lay out the body on the paper properly, so she doesn’t have a full left arm. I thought about ways to fix it, and they all led to me tracing her on a new piece of paper and finishing it out.

hp_scands_91211616757So now she has both arms, which I like. I was staring and thinking about this full, completed person, and decided she needed a background. I thought about drawing one in around her, but I was a little too inspired by the card-making gathering I had just been at. I decided to create a background for her, so I traced and then cut her out. You can *kinda* see the lines where I cut her out.


So I created a background. It took a good few hours to do it, and I’m sure I did it in the least-efficient way possible, but it was pretty fun. I traced out on a white piece of paper all the main lines (window frame, room outline, etc), and then used the pieces as guidelines. I held them over the five or so sheets of paper I picked for both the floor boards and the window scene, then cut through all of them. Mix-matched the pieces of paper and turned it into a big puzzle! Like I said, time consuming and paper-wasting, but actually a lot of fun.

I put together all the pieces, and then used these scrapbooking sticker-tape pieces that elevate the image to paste of on the girl, so she’s like an eighth of an inch higher than the rest of the scene, and printed out the title in a typewriter font, taped them on the same way, and voila!



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