January 17, 2009 at 1:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I watched a scary movie.

Then I watched junk tv and got lost in the blogosphere.

I’m feeling a smidge lonely.

I developed a crush.

My world makes sense with a touch of Marci-logic sprinkled on top. I like distractions. It doesn’t even have to be big distractions, like a brand new crush, or a medium sized distraction, like junk tv to take my mind of the (very) scary movie. Just, distractions.

Although, in proof of a good metaphor, my tv/blog-distraction-as-an-example is thorough. Distractions are fleeting and cures (unlike my new-crush-distraction-as-an-example, I hope). I’m in bed and the goddamnscarymoviethatwassomuchscarierthanIthoughtitwouldbe is coming back to me and I’m scared now, thinking about it.  I will sleep with the light on tonight, and I’m not so much a baby as I can’t take the heat from publicly announcing it.


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