Body Wash

January 13, 2009 at 11:10 pm (In Real Life, Rants?) (, , )

I understand that makers of body wash market to the girls who starve themselves and deny themselves any type of food-related treat. That’s why all body washes smell like something you’d kill for to put in  your mouth.

I’ll even admit that I indulge myself that way–I buy vanillas, usually, because it smells like cookies and cakes, my weaknesses.

What irks me, though, is when they do it so obviously, to the point where the original intent of the product becomes lost. For instance, my current body wash (which I didn’t pick out–it was a gift) is scented Frozen Lemon Custard.

Do you see the problem? If not, let me ask you a question–

What does “frozen” smell like?

My body wash smells lemony, and even a little creamy, but I don’t detect any air of frigidity when I wash. None. Because how do you make something smell cold?


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