January 10, 2009 at 12:43 am (Fun, In Real Life, Memories) (, , )

I love the past hour and a half. It was the most refreshing, renewing, supportive hour and a half I’ve had in months, and it had proves that I know what’s best for me–it included ALL of my favorite things!

I met with a friend for coffee, and we both commiserated how frustrating life can be together. We’re both at our respective ropes’ ends, and we just talked for a little bit about how much it sucks–how it’s hard to watch people you love, or people you used to love, turn bitter and mean, and how frustrating it is when you’re forced to change your plans and when you have to live on someone else’s schedule. And we hugged, long and hard.

And then we went to the swing sets. We swung (I never know what the proper past tense form of the swing set verb should be), we talked about awesome children’s literature (Phantom Tollbooth–it’ll have it’s very own post soon, I promise), some really awesome sci fi/fantasy (Ender’s Game, Hitchhiker’s Guide, etc).

We made up little fantastical stories about men only a millimeter high, and what life would be like, and just really enjoyed ourselves. And he summed it up great at the end.

He sighed, and then laughed and said he likes those kinds of sighs.

“Those deep, full sighs that mean you know you’re going to be upset and sad and frustrated tomorrow, but you can enjoy this moment and know that you’re good and happy right now”


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  1. unexpectedthankyou said,

    It’s always good to share with another peope who understands.

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