January 9, 2009 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized)

That typo is an intentional one, never fear. I wouldn’t let something like that slide (I hope not, at least!). I had a professor who used to say and spell drawing that way, and he made it adorable. So when I’m drawring big girl things, I like to use that spelling.

So I am. And I feel rather uncomfortable about it, because I’m staring at pictures of myself, trying to analyze every stupid little curve and line in my face in order to reproduce it on paper. No one should stare at themselves this much.

But I am… I’m taking big girl steps and trying to follow a certain someone’s advice (I’m still glaring at you, internally, by the way, since you’ve become my little scapegoat for my frustrations about this whole thing. Hope you don’t mind! 😛 ) and working on building up a portfolio. I’m still not sold on the whole thing, but I figure it’ll occupy my time during my little sabbatical, if nothing else. It’s still rather uncomfortable, though, staring at myself like this. I’d rather draw pictures of other things, but let’s face it. I’m not really good at drawing anything, and once i master my own face, others should come much easier. Right?


(and this is my silly little Photoshop doodle)

tired-girlShe took me all of an hour and is the closest thing I have to a self portrait, lawls. Notice how she looks kinda tired? That ‘s the self portrait part. 😉


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