Product Placement

December 23, 2008 at 11:38 am (Discoveries, In Real Life, Rants?) (, , )

Product placement is an effective way to get my goat. I get annoyed at it, and mock it mercilessly. I take offense not at the thought that they think it’s effective; that by showing me a can of Pepsi, I’ll be tempted to buy it. I more take offense to the implication that the lifestyles portrayed in tv and movies are normal lifestyles that you should work hard to emulate.

I remember how indignant I got when I watched some House episode, early on in the seasons (second season, maybe?). House had a bed going, and he makes it for $100. He just pulls a hundred-dollar bill out of his wallet to wave around. It surprised me, and gave me a moment’s pause. No one carries around multiple hundred-dollar bills (he ended up having two or three on him). Even if you have enough money to waste one hundred of it on a silly bet, you wouldn’t carry around such large bills like that, and wave them about so casually. So that’s a good example of what I mean when I say I don’t like how tv sets ridiculously high and unrealistic standards for people to try to emulate.

When it comes to casual, cheap product placement, though, I’ve giving up my soapbox stance and I just laugh. When I watch a crappy movie and am bored, I just end up counting the ads I find. My friends dragged me to that second National Treasure movie in the theatres, and I counted thirteen before I gave up because I couldn’t recognize what it was that I should buy (I can’t tell one car brand from another if my life depended on it, really).

The thing that could get me frustrated is that I tend to be the most indignant about this, regardless of which crowd of friends I’m with. So when I went to go see The Day The Earth Stood Still with my mom, I was so surprised that her loudest complaint about the movie was the blatant product placement. My personal favorite was when the main character looks at her watch to check the time and all you see is the watch’s face, the size of the entire screen, with the brand printed in huge letters across the center (no, I’m so not going to repeat the brand. Like I’ll give them more coverage than they already paid for!). The best part was that time was not really of the essence in that scene, or at all related to what was going on. It was as if they’re giving up trying to be subtle.

Hit CookiesThat being said, I’ve decided to throw all throwing power of at endorsing my favorite brand of cookies, Hit Cookies. That’s right, take a good luck at that picture and feel your mouth start to water. You know you want to go buy some.

Seriously, though, these cookies do rock. And I like them. A lot. They’re the perfect blend of sweet cookie goodness and crunchy, munchy goodness. I forget how much I like them until I find them somewhere. Then I devour as many as I can get my hands on.


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