A Slight Obsession

December 19, 2008 at 1:17 pm (Discoveries, Fun) (, , )

Okay, some of my friends and family might disagree on my use of the word “slight”, but whatever. I’m sure I’m not even HALF as bad as other little fanboys and fangirls out there. I mean, it took me like a friggin week to find the new trailers.


But omg omg omg *squeal* Watchmen is going to be so awesome. And if it’s not, well,  come two in the morning on March 6, I’ll be crying like the little baby I’ve always feared I am.

It shouldn’t, though. I mean, I know Alan Moore would disagree with me heartily, but it seems pretty faithful to the graphic novel. I’m sure there’ll be some “updates” to make it relevant to current culture, but from all the stills and movie clips they’re releasing (and boy oh boy are they releasing a bunch), it looks like it’ll be good.

So yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon (fuck, I was one of the FIVE PEOPLE who recognized the trailer in Dark Knight’s opening at IMAX), but I jumped a while ago. I jumped when the bandwagon was just a couple of tricycles tied together. 🙂 Okay, maybe not as early as all that, but still. Five people recognized Watchmen during Dark Knight, and I was one of them (I was the one who forgot how to breath, I was so excited).

It’s, if not my favorite graphic novel, definitely top three. The Fountain (I know so many people preferred the movie, but I really really liked the graphic novel better. I know. Shoot me) and Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta are its highest competitors.

Super stoked. Both the European trailer and Comic Con clip are online, and I really liked the Comic Con one. I found it on iTunes, though, which I kind of prefer because then it’s on my computer and I’m not waiting on my internet connection. They show some pretty cool movie shots, and I’d say they’re both worthwhile to look into (if you’re as much into it as I am).


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