The Best Building EVER

December 18, 2008 at 9:25 am (Discoveries, Fun, In Real Life) (, , , )

Bellingham beaches hold lots of secrets, if you only walk down them for long enough. My favorite such secret is this building–I have a slight obsession with it. It’s decrepit, it’s falling apart, and it’s going to fall down in less than a year, I guarantee it. Oh what I wouldn’t give to go see it now that the snow is drowning Bellingham.

Full ShotTo get the full impact of this first shot, look for the waterline. Then you can orient yourself properly and see how far this building is falling over. I’m not even sure what this building was originally supposed to be, since it is just a one-room shack about twenty feet from the railroad tracks. The top floor is the base of the building, with the bottom (where the brick ends and the strong graffiti starts, in the picture) being the main foundation. Every inch of both floors of the inside are covered in graffiti.

The top floor, with the huge hole in one of the walls, waEntrances scary to walk in–it looked like you’d fall, like the floor wouldn’t hold up. Jeremy walked all over it the first time I went there, and I was brave enough the second time to walk it with Dylan. The slanted floor is pretty terrifying, though. I like that not all the graffiti is something I would necessarily consider “art”, but the colors are so vibrant and varied that it doesn’t really matter.

What looks really cool is the wall with a huge hole in it has an enormous stylized skull painted on it. I could spend forever reading the tiny little messages and signatures on all of the walls.

At the Water's EdgeAs further proof that the building won’t last much longer, it’s located right on the water’s edge. As in, high tide puts the water about a foot and a half up the outer wall. You can get into the structure of the building crossing in front of the wall, next to the water, and in through the side. The second time I went, it was high tide so we had to roll our pant legs up (well, I was in a skirt so I just had to hold it up a bit) to cross, and when we got to the bottom floor’s entrance, it was pretty well flooded. Very cool, no?

Outer WallThis is my favorite part of the outer wall, what with the bright colors. The crack going up this part of the wall is bigger than the shot shows, though. The first time I was here, Jeremy tried fitting himself in between it to get into the belly of the building, and very well near succeeded. He was about halfway into it when he paused and mused that there was probably an easier way to do it. That’s when we discovered the huge hole in the side opposite the direction we came from.

Belly of the Building This is what the belly of the building looks like, and it is by far the coolest part. When the floor is flooded because of high tide, you have to stay on the cross cuts of stone to stay dry, but when I took the shot (when the tide was out) you could easily walk on the bottom. A bottom which was surpsingly clear of spiderwebs (I didn’t know at the time that it was because high tide would drown the little suckers). They (the spiders) inhabit the top of the bottom floor, though, which was pretty gross.


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