Puzzle Pieces

December 16, 2008 at 11:29 am (Journaling, Rants?) (, , )

I used to talk to my ex(girlfriend, Sabina) about this, about puzzle pieces. We would talk about how soul mates work, and how people who are meant for each other know that. I still think the idea of soul mates is a valid one, one definitely worth exploring. I think they work like puzzle pieces.

Everyone is a puzzle piece, with their own uniquely-defined shape. You can’t see your own shape clearly, though (or anyone else’s, for that matter). Not in its entirety, at least. You only know what the edges look like by how they match up with someone else’s edges.

So when you meet a new person (and this doesn’t have to specifically relate to dating–I include friendships and all sorts of relationships in this concept), you see how well your puzzle pieces match up. It’s like a fog, and it slowly clears as you see more and more curves and corners fitting into each other. It won’t always be perfect–you might both have a little jut at the same spot, and they overlap with each other. Or maybe you both have a tiny little indent that needs filled, and they’re both at the same exact spot, so you can’t fill each other’s indents. See?

I think soul mates match each other’s edges perfectly.

**This isn’t to say I think soul mates never argue, never fight, never don’t do the right thing for the other person. It’s just to say they have all that they need within them to help complete each other. They match.


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