“Last night…

November 30, 2008 at 3:08 pm (Books, Discoveries, Fun, Journaling, Memories) (, , , , )

… I had a dream about [Mexican folktales??]…”

Okay, so it’s not a full quote, only partial, but singing in my blog posts has never lost its appeal with me.

My dream last night was more like watching a movie; it was like watching a very interesting movie, done in three (?) parts.

It was basically like watching artsy-fartsy reinterpretations of Mexican folktales, the ones told to good little Catholic children to keep them too afraid of monsters under their beds to disobey. They included devil men, given away by their red-hued skin, pointy chins and dark, black, wiry hair. Also there were twelve women, pure and good, trying to lead the way to godliness and safety, as well as little children drawn by David B who spoke with heavy Spanish accents, trying to find their way to safety.

I’m blaming it on the fact that I just finished La Perdida, by Jessica Abel. The novel makes me want to re-invent my life, and it doesn’t help that I have a Cuban father who I could pretend I was estranged with, in order to search for my “roots”. That, combined with the fact that I spent the night in my father’s house last night, which is painted and decorated exactly how a Latin American man would want to decorate his house if he lived in the grayest city in all America. We had an entire conversation centered around the color orange [[Bright orange: see his armchair, see a full set of dishes, see his hallway walls, see a blanket, see a vase on his fireplace]], and then bickered good-naturedly about whether he liked bright orange or bright green more. [[Bright green: see downstairs walls, see other full set of dishes]]

My dreams made my mouth burn from spicy food, my eyes water from smoky, polluted air and my hair turn long, black and curly.


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