[fussy post alert]

November 3, 2008 at 1:29 pm (Rants?)

I’ve never hated a website more than I’ve hated this one


It needs to disappear. I’ve been really good and not abusing my blog, but fucking christ. I hate that website. I hate the litter of that old “us” that lingers in the crevices of my life–the bottom of my tin, in the form of a cd, a side-alley in the internets, with an old remembered name for a search engine. I was GOING to type “mail”, but I only got as far as “M-A-I” before seeing that fucking website. Fuck you, firefox.

I’m venting here so I don’t vent elsewhere. It’s what the internets are for, right?

[this post aside, I’m actually patting myself on the back. for all outward appearances, I’ve been doing really fucking good]


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