Hi out there

October 30, 2008 at 11:23 pm (Fun, Journaling)

So my blog stats tell me I’m getting at least three to four hits a day–that means that someone(s) is(are) visiting my site besides me, almost daily.

Who are you? I’m so curious. You should leave me messages.

Also, I feel bad. Everytime I post something on here, I immediately think up like ten different things I want to post, but I tell myself to wait and space them out properly, instead of junking up my blog with five posts in one day. Then, of course, I forget what I wanted to post and I wait at least a week or two before posting again. I need to learn how to break this cycle…

For now, I think you reader(s) should expect more than one post in a day, and those days shall be sporadic. That’s right–if I feel like posting again today, I will, damnit! (Oh I’m so bad)


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