This will really only make sense to one person

June 24, 2008 at 6:43 am (Fun, In Real Life, Journaling, Memories) (, , )

And he won’t read it until at least tomorrow, when he’s trying to avoid his work, but whatever.

Today I didn’t have time for breakfast before running out the door to catch the bus (yes, love, I ran out to catch it and then sat on the bench for a good three minutes. Shush). So anyway, I stopped by Cafe Adagio before catching my second bus and ordered coffee and a scone (raspberry–yummy!)

The lady asked my name to write it in my order and of course I hesitated before answering. Now, to explain, my name is not an easy one to spell (especially if you’re only hearing it). I usually give my mom’s nickname for me, Cori, but I always pause and have that two second deliberation between giving my name, the one I identify with, even though I know it’ll be spelled wrong and then pronounced wrong when they call me, or taking the easy road and giving a name that has never felt like mine (that’s right–I’m really not a Cori. Not unless you’re my mom or dad, and I stick pretty strongly to that).

Today, I had my normal pause, and then smiled secretively and told her it was Marci.

It felt like a deliciously private secret, but also comfortable. I love a pair of jeans that when you first tried them on, they were a bit tight and not the most comfortable pair you had, but they were super cute and you knew KNEW that they’d stretch and relax and be the most comfortable pair after a couple weeks. Marci, to me, is that pair of jeans. I’ve had them for a couple weeks (well, months?) now, and it’s my favorite ever. And still a private little secret, I thought everyone was going to look at me in the coffee shop and gasp! The poor barista must think I was off my rocker for blushing after telling her my name the way I did, but I don’t care. It put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.


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