Three posts in one day?

June 8, 2008 at 7:02 am (Books, Discoveries, Fun) (, , , , )

Whatever. I’m the only one that pays attention anyway. 😛 Maybe this tag will get a little more attention.

I treated myself to a new book recently, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s the perfect book with which to distract myself from finals. The perfect depth to keep my involvement, but not make me work too hard for comprehension.

It’s called “Broken Verses”

The main character sleeps in
a room that used to belong to a kid, and the walls are completely covered with all sorts of sea life. Now for my favorite passage so far:

” ‘I could go out and get some paint, and help you slap on a coat before our flight,’ my father said. ‘Unless the marine life is growing on you.’

‘Now there’s a pleasant image. Barnacles on my skin, seaweed draped around my neck…’ ”
I really just like it because of how obsessed I’ve become with the mental image of sea life growing on a person. Jer has me a little hooked on the notion of blue-skinned peole, and it fits in perfectly with this idea of a tall, slender woman transfixed in a cross-legged meditating pose, barnacles crusted on her shoulders and chest and hands, signs of her paralysis.


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  1. FenEndameses said,

    Very nice!!

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