Pondering Voting

June 8, 2008 at 6:42 am (Journaling, Poltical-ish) (, , )

Why is it that the “student” age bracket consistently has the lowest voter turnout? It surprises me everytime I think about it.

We’re in the middle of our youth, we’re at a time when it’s right to get fired up and angry and passionate, and yet we don’t vote? Voting is the easiest path towards influence, and yet so many skip it. Why?

I wonder if it’s because after studying civics and political theory and history, do we manage to loose our passion? Do we stat to believe that we can’t change anything, so why even try? That’s how it feels, sometimes. I know I feel discouraged about voting. It feels like it doesn’t matter who you elect for president, the whole cabinet is already decided. it doesn’t matter if you personally approve this particular piece of legislation or not, it’ll get passed regardless if the right people want it passed.

It feels pointless, and yet it is the majority of citizens’ only method of communication and influence. Take it, no matter how potentially flawed it is?

I feel sometimes like a puppet, one that all the little CEOs of all the huge corporations just pat on the head for doing a good job and being discouraged, instead of actually caring and trying to do something.

Any recommendations for civic   action? For how to not feel discouraged by ‘the system’? For how to feel like my voice counts in the political world?


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