May 21, 2008 at 3:33 am (Journaling, Rants?)

They’ve been updated since last year. Also, no school-related items allowed. And yeah, some of them are incredibly superficial, but whatever. This is how I keep myself occupied during the most boring city council meeting known to mankind….

  1. weigh under 140 (like 130-135)
  2. post on my blog at least once a week
  3. sketch more -> 10-14 hrs/wk
  4. make a book list and follow it
  5. read all the books on my shelf
  6. finish Wrinkle in Time series
  7. get a job–a real, 20+ hrs/wk job
  8. east one veggie meal a day
  9. follow tummy needs–record and follow food journal
  10. master writing with my left hand
  11. not buy another sketchbook
  12. journal at least 4 x week
  13. ride my bike at least 3 x week (M, W, F?)
  14. spend less money–under $40/wk
  15. save up, buy, and learn Illustrator
  16. learn how to xxxxxx
  17. make more time for friends
  18. cook at least twice a week
  19. wear my hair down at least twice a week
  20. wear a skirt at least once a week

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