A Year Ago Today…

March 3, 2008 at 3:02 am (In Real Life, Memories)


We had spent the entire weekend together. I kept telling you it was okay to tell me to go away, you kept inviting me to spend one more night over. We went out to eat with Glenn and Maia, and I kept wondering what it’d be like if we were a couple. It just fit the picture better.

I kept holding your hand, and we’d tuck our hands in your jacket pocket. You kept saying my watch was super loud, and I kept thinking you were making fun of its bright colors.

We went to a lot of bookstores that weekend, tracking down a book that we would (eventually) share as our first book together. The Neverending Story, remember?

We watched The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, we went for a long walk around campus, and I was getting impatient while you were just getting annoyed at me. But it’s okay. It worked out just fine, so far.

Of course, it hasn’t been perfect. Of course. That’d just be weird if it was. But we have plenty of good to compensate for the bad. We have plenty of late-night walks, of Lego building, of dinosaurs, of grocery shopping, of cooking breakfast together, of kisses, hand-holding, snuggling, post-it notes, of being completely, sickeningly, disgustingly in love with each other for it to be worth it. You’re definitely worth it, Jer.


Every minute I get with you is a really great minute. 🙂 Thanks


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