February 23, 2008 at 5:06 am (In Real Life, Poltical-ish, Rants?, School)

Who is ever, honestly, going to admit to being anti-life? No. You always have to be “pro” something.

That is my biggest pet-peeve in debates. You have to make it sound horrible to be against you. You can’t win that way! Even if I don’t want to call myself “anti-life”, I’m not changing my opinion. I’ll stick with the friendlier sound of “pro-choice”. Who doesn’t want choice? I know I do. What? You mean you’re against CHOICE? What kind of fascist are you? Yeah. You can’t argue because I’m using the word fascist.

I guess the abortion debate is a highly emotional one, though, so it makes a little bit of sense that it becomes such a charged issue.

Still. If you ever start a formal debate with the words “Raise your hand if you like freedom.  Yeah? You do? Well, then you’ll know I’m right. I’m for freedom”, I will have the urge to hit you in the face. I’m pro-peace, though, so I won’t actually do it.

I’ll just think it really loudly…..

But seriously. Present facts. Present logical statements. Present arguments with a point–not some meaningless drivel that makes me feel emotionally guilty if I don’t agree with everything that comes out of your mouth. Do you really want people to agree with you only out of guilt of saying no? Even if they’re really passionate about the other side of the argument? Wouldn’t it be a better feeling if you won a person over to your side of the debate because you had a stronger logical argument, as opposed to them simply being afraid of calling themselves “anti-life” or “anti-choice”?

I think so… I think it’s a much better feeling.



  1. bootlegmarkchapman said,

    Brilliant. Absolutely spot-on, in fact I can now never write a post about this subject because I know it’s been said better than I could manage it. Thanks for that.

  2. rocksandchairs said,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact I can’t stand those people who stoop to making you feel like you just kicked a baby in the gut by disagreeing with them. Those types of people are just looking for you to disagree with them so they can argue with you and prove how they’re right. I don’t give them the satisfaction. I just say “well if that’s what you think” it drives them insane.

    people who make you feel like shit for disagreeing with them give me RAGE


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