The Light Was On

February 9, 2008 at 7:48 am (Fun, Journaling, Memories)

(for those of you who don’t understand that elusive refrence, Krispy Kreme’s gives out free doughnuts when their light is on)

“Mom! The light!” I point, and look at her expectantly. She sighs, remember Carol’s and I’s luck about The Light. We’ve never seen it off.

“Mom! This might be the last time I can enjoy the fruits of the light being on!”

She knows I have a Celiac’s diagnosis looming. She knows my statement is true.

Sighing again, she illegally crosses two lanes, squishes up next to another car in a very wide right-turn-only lane, and puts on her blinker.

“Only because I love you”

We pull up and right as she turns off the car, something happens that has never happened before. Ever.

The light turned off.

I look at mom, shocked.

I felt betrayed. I felt shocked. I felt like that moment was turning into a metaphor for the next few weeks of my life.

I was, needless to say, very unhappy.

Yet my mommy loves me very much, and we walked out with half a dozen of the nectar of the gods.


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