February 2, 2008 at 1:49 pm (Fun, Memories)

Swing SetsOffering A FlowerKisses

Seriously, I love you. I think you are the most amazing thing EVER.

You’re so sweet and warm-hearted, and you just fill my life with happiness. I love taking long walks with you, and seriously, I never feel safer walking around campus than when I’ve got you!

Plus, you’re just the most beautiful thing ever!

I just love that we get to have a sleepover tonight, and I only wish you were sleeping a little easier (puppies just get nervous when they’re in a brand new place, after all). I think you’ll settle down soon, though. I hope you like Bellingham, because I’m looking for a new apartment just so I can have you. I would love to show you Bellingham in the summer. We’d do all my favourite things with you–we’d take bike rides, go to the beach, relax in the bookstore (Village Books welcomes dogs into their store. How nifty is that?). We’d take lots of walks, especially late at night when I can’t sleep. You’re really the best companion.

I know, I know. I’m kind of pathetic for going on and on this much about Lyra, but I can’t help it. I really love my dog. I’ve had her since she came out of the womb, and she’s been amazing and unique that whole time.

For anyone that knows my history, they have to realize how much of a support Lyra was. She is faithful, reliable, and willing to spend every night with me. I’ve never felt alone when I have Lyra around. I love this dog.

J–remember taking her and Lily to the swing sets when they were babies? I never thought I’d see a dog that loved swinging, but you can totally attest–Lyra loved swing sets almost as much as we did! 🙂

I have this picture (where she’s giving me a flower) taped up to my lamp. She has such a goofy, cute dog-grin!


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