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January 28, 2008 at 9:57 am (Journaling, Poetry, Writing Exercises)

Looking For God


I’m looking for God
And I think I’ll find him in your fingertips
He might be there, tucked between the end
Of your nail and the rest of the world

I’m pretty sure that tree is heaven and God,
All mixed in one
So let’s climb
And see if there really are angels at the top
Because for tonight, I’ll believe
In demons and angels,
In dreams,
And in you.

It might not be God, but it’s something close to it
That escapes my lips ever time I exhale
When it’s cold outside
And I’m smoking on my balcony
Because it’s 3AM and I’m down half a pack
About to go for my fourth pot of coffee
It might not be right
But it’s the closest to God I can get,

Because my soul isn’t like yours,
It isn’t this glowing fire
It’s a white sheet
With traces of being Catholic streaking it in black
It’s a white sheet
And with every day, it becomes a little dirtier
Sweat and blood and tears staining it
But I’ll try to make it pretty
Write poetry across my soul
Make it into something worthwhile,
Something more than just a white sheet.
Because I might look for them forever,
But I haven’t seen angels since I was five
And I’m starting to believe
They might have been spider webs,
Like my dad said

(PS–I miss you a little)


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