100+ Things That Make Me Happy

January 28, 2008 at 10:10 am (Fun, In Real Life, Journaling, Memories)

It’s just a fun list to make! You can’t be unhappy when you do this. And if you are, then you’ll quickly change your mind.

1. Eggs and potatoes with ketchup and salsa
2. Elephants
3. Hot pink
4. Glitter
5. New nail polish
6. A clean room/apartment
7. Having no dishes in the sink
8. Walking to class early in the morning
9. Sleeping curled up next to a warm body
10. Petting Lyra’s ears
11. Sleeping on my couch
12. Showering late in the evening
13. Bubble baths with candles and sparkling cider and a book
14. Brand new books
15. Getting lost in a used bookstore
16. Watching the sunset on the beach with just a notebook and a blanket
17. Laying on the grass in front of old main during summer
18. Jewelry that makes noise when you walk
19. Flowing skirts
20. Summer dresses
21. Canned pears
22. Having a sketch look on paper the way it did in my mind
23. Finishing a really thick book, and the sense of accomplishment that goes along with it
24. Cooking breakfast with someone at noon
25. Ice cream in bed
26. Watching tv in bed
27. Snuggling
28. Road trips
29. Singing along to Les Miserables
30. Catching up with Carol in the car ride to Seattle
31. Sleeping in fancy hotels
32. Not needing to look in a French-English dictionary when I write a paragraph
33. Spinning in circles
34. A fresh bar of soap
35. Pedicures
36. Feeling exhausted after a really good work out
37. Getting a new outfit and matching it to everything else in my closet
38. Sliding into clean sheets with freshly shaved legs
39. Coloring outside of the lines in coloring books
40. Copper comics
41. Reading beautiful graphic novels
42. Feeling inspired by music, feeling gripped by the phrases
43. Staying up all night writing and creating
44. Sequins
45. Bold, bright glasses
46. Long walks and discussions
47. Getting lost, and being brave enough to see an adventure in it
48. Dancing until I’m exhausted
49. Playing dinosaurs
50. People that look designed for only one generation, one time period, and being outside of it
51. Kissing!
52. Having a recipe come out perfectly
53. Falling asleep next to someone you love
54. Climbing trees
55. Singing really, really loudly
56. Being told “I love you” and believing it
57. Blowing bubbles
58. Loud, scream-o concerts
59. Swing sets
60. Winning at Mario kart
61. Creative text smiley faces
62. Sparkling lemonade
63. Classic Pocky
64. Drinking a glass of wine in sexy pajamas
65. The point where I’ve filled up a journal exactly (or near to) halfway
66. Rainbows
67. Spontaneously jumping into an ocean. Or a lake. Or a river
68. Stomping in puddles the entire walk back to my apartment
69. Needing a hot shower to warm up on cold days.
70. Needing a cold shower to cool off on sexy days
71. Squishing my hands in a bag of rice, or a bag of beads.
72. Drawing entire pictures with highlighters
73. The way my hands look after creating a masterpiece with oil pastels
74. Scrapbooking
75. Picking out fabrics for a sewing project
76. That feeling that sets in when it’s late and you’re with your best friends and you feel invincible
77. Having someone do something you were praying they’d do, without ever having to ask for it
78. Ferris wheels
79. Cheese pizza with LOTS of pineapples
80. movies that are purely made for how beautiful they are, not how deep or thought out.
81. Playing dizzy tag
82. French fries with ranch and ketchup
83. Waking up and finding a love post-it note
84. Memorizing songs in a language you don’t know
85. Unicorns
86. Believing in magic
87. Long coats
88. Wool sweaters
89. Knowing how to use proper grammar, but using really crappy grammar every now and then just for kicks
90. Taking lots and lots of pictures
91. Puppy breath
92. New school supplies
93. Creating histories for strangers I’ll never talk to
94. Homemade burritos and tacos
95. Being called “Peaches” by someone with a southern accent
96. Bubble gum
97. Crunching through frost
98. Receiving letters and packages in the mail
99. Picnics on the lake
100. Growing my hair out long enough to put it in a bun

101. Studying in the library, and having people stay QUIET
102. Reading about politics
103. Seeing some unexpected sign that I’m not alone, that other people think and feel the same way I do
104. Having someone answer the question “what are you thinking about?” completely honestly.
105. Holding hands
106. Enjoying the parts of my childhood I don’t need to say good bye to
107. Finding someone else’s notes in a book, and finding them interesting
108. Going out for Indian food, and using only your fingers, no utensils, to eat
109. Lazytown’s “Cake Bake Song”. I just mostly love that I reminded someone of it.
110. Visiting art galleries alone, or with a worthy companion
111. Candy
112. Curly hair. Like, really, really curly.
113. Talking to someone you hardly know for hours late at night, and that bizarre obligation to honesty that accompanies the moment
114. Bubbly soda when it’s really hot out
115. Making hot cocoa or cider with someone after playing in the snow
116. Really windy days, where it’s so windy my feet are blown off course
117. Flute and/or trumpet music when its done in a lower octave
118. Making wishes at 11:11
119. Looking up randomly and seeing that it is 12:34 exactly.
120. Skipping stones and getting it to skip more than three times
121. Homemade soap
122. Creatively-shaped cookie cutters
123. Petting really soft animals
124. Walking barefoot through squishy mud
125. Falling asleep right away
126. Watching a really good TV series all the way through in one sitting (and finding someone patient enough to do it with me!)
127. Acknowledging an accomplishment and letting myself enjoy the moment
128. The feeling of knowing you’re in love before you tell them
129. Extra-dark chocolate
130. Chapstick
131. Cooking for only vegetarians
132. Writing the first draft of something serious and important with a glittery gel pen
133. Believing in true love
134. Finishing a really long, arduous assignment
135. Spinning as fast and as long as I possibly can in one direction, and then reversing real fast.
136. Planning out graphic novels I can only hope to finish one of these day
137. Making lists

138. Finding patterns in numbers easily

139. Walking late at night when it’s really cold and not having my knee stop me

140. Having a destination

141. Thinking, if only for a brief moment, that it might just make sense after all

142. Bright, bold colors. Like hot pink, or lime green.

143. Freshly-painted nails

144. Finding a new artist that really inspires me

145. Seeing someone do something nice when they think no one is looking

146. Perfectly sharpened pencils

147. Stacks of identically-sized and shaped things

148. When Pandora plays my favourite songs

149. British spelling

150. Finding dolls in antique stores

(PS Yeah, I know I copied you. Whatever. It was fun)


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